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Our products can be found in 84 countries worldwide, with storage facilities in Australia with Bigatton Australia Ltd, in Hungary with Bigatton Kft, in the U.S. where as many as 80 Bigatton products have been classified by the FDA, in Morocco with Bigatton Marocco and many other countries with facilities that in addition to distributing our products, follow the customers in their most complex needs. Every year we handle travelling courses and assistance in the most remote corners of the world.

We can say without a shadow of a doubt that with our reverse osmosis (RO) system, we are able to produce the best partly candied fruits which are known by the name of Wfrutta: So unequalled is the supremacy of our wild strawberries that, in effect, we are the only ones to produce them.
Bigatton, 65 years … but it doesn’t show them and it cheerfully continues on the sweet path of ice cream!


Technogel is a world leader in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for small-scale and industrial production of ice-cream. The company was founded in 1955 and today exports to 60 different countries worldwide thanks to the quality, experience and tradition acquired over the last half a century.

Tradition in production has always been consolidated and supported by constant technological innovation and this has enabled Technogel to create an easy range of machines and installations designed to fulfil a wide range of customers’ requirements from cottage industry production through to fully automated medium and large scale industrial installations.


Gelostandard is a worldleader company in pastry and ice-cream cabinet production for more then 40 years, distinguishing itself for the attention to details, for an high innovative technology and for a strong sensitivity to ecology.

Gelostandard has two branches, in Italy and in Canada at Montreal, in order to export high quality products in 80 countries in the world, offering a wide range of cabinets able to satisfy every professional and furnishing request


With more than 70 years of experience in commercial and professional refrigeration, Mondial Group was established in 2006 as the result of a merger between Mondial Elite and Framec.

Made in Italy, the headquarters are in San Giorgio Monferrato, Alessandria, but there worldwide activity is thanks to commercial sites present all over the world.

They produce over 110,000 units per year of different models for Beverage, Retail Market, Gelato, Pastry, Ice and Kitchen Catering. They also manufacture air conditioned cellars to preserve and display Wine under the Bacchus Genius brand.

The company offers the most Advanced Energy Saving Solutions for a low environmental impact together with the best quality and long term constant reliability.


Tekneitalia is a young and dynamic company, specialised in designing and manufacturing of high quality equipment for professional use: food & beverage carts, dynamic corner for the sale of specialty food, high design displays, special machinery.

Thanks to the expertise and enthusiasm of the Bonarrigo brothers, Giorgio expert in Economics and Vincenzo specialised in Design, Tekneitalia has developed multiple solutions and business models to guarantee maximum efficiency.

The high quality of craftsmanship with the application of the latest technology developments, make Tekneitalia an innovative company focused on the future, for all professional needs.

All Tekneitalia products represent the best expression of the Made in Italy, fully customisable and available in different versions, with a sleek design and a unique and original style.